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The OpenBorders Group is an official global vendor of Microsoft's Partner Open Borders initiative. We deliver a full range of business growth services to help you accelerate expansion into new international and national markets. Our network of experts covers North America, Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, DACH, Central Europe, UK, Ireland, Scandinavia.

Member of The Momentum Alliance

The OpenBorders Group is a specialist member of The Momentum Alliance - a group that provides business development services to enable Microsoft BizSpark and StartUp partners to successfully enter and grow in new markets.

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Founded by Microsoft Executives and Business Professionals

"Microsoft launched The OpenBorders Program in 2007. The Microsoft executives running this program enabled dozens of Microsoft partners to enter and grow in new markets throughout the US, Europe and Asia.”

Following the  success of the OpenBorders Program, Microsoft has decided to scale out the international partner initiatives  to increase the level of services offered. To this end, the Microsoft executives who built the original program have created an executive partner consulting company in 2009, The OpenBorders Group (TOBG). They are joined by other  organizations that specialize in international expansion for Microsoft partners. The OpenBorders Group will work closely with Microsoft subsidiaries and business groups around the world to help more partners succeed in their market growth objectives.

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Members of The OpenBorders Group have a strong track record of driving successful partner expansion and channel development worldwide. We can support clients at any point in the process or we can provide a complete end-to-end solution.

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