Management of Microsoft Partner Networks (MPN)

We will manage your membership in the Microsoft Partner Network including all administrative activities on an ongoing basis.  This will allow you to focus on driving your own business.

This offering enables you to free yourself from the ongoing weekly/monthly administration of your membership in MPN, but still have the knowledge and information available to allow your Company to take maximum advantage of your MPN membership.    

This offer is similar to an "Outsourcing Model", where TOBG will manage your membership on your behalf, taking responsibility for all MPN administrative and management tasks. 

TOBG will:

  1. BulletInterims Management

  2. BulletManage your annual MPN membership re-enrollment process.

  3. BulletEnsure that your Company's membership remains fully compliant in MPN .

  4. BulletUpdate you on all new MPN changes and how they might impact your company.

  5. BulletProvide you with monthly membership status updates.

  6. BulletHelp maximize your Return on Investment from your MPN membership.

  7. BulletHighlight new MPN Benefits and Offerings so that you may take advantage of them.

  8. BulletAct as an Information Filter from Microsoft based on your Business Needs.

  9. BulletAssist with Reference & Awards submissions.