Market Opportunity

Local market insight

Building an international presence is a long term investment - both in time and resources. Before you can justify this investment, you must first establish the viability of your expansion plans. A single sale in a foreign country is not enough to indicate a market opportunity!

With proven local knowledge, we can help you do the due diligence to assess the size of the addressable market for your application or service.

We will help you build a clear picture of the key issues: market segmentation; the presence of local and international competition; local market culture and requirements; perception of foreign companies; the opportunity for unique differentiation.

We cover

  1. BulletMarket segmentation and structure

  2. BulletMarket relevance

  3. BulletCompetitive landscape

  4. BulletLocal market requirements

  5. BulletRoutes to market - indirect vs. direct

  6. BulletCommercial viability of product/service for target market