Local Microsoft Subsidiary Engagement

Local resource

Microsoft is fully committed to its channel partner model and can provide invaluable local market insights, expertise and resources. Strategic engagement with the local Microsoft subsidiary in your target region can significantly accelerate your success by leveraging the marketing resources and brand presence of a much larger company.

Demonstrate your value

In order to engage successfully with a Microsoft subsidiary you need to clearly demonstrate your value - that your product or service is strategic to the subsidiary's coverage or revenue objectives.

The OpenBorders Group members have strong links with Microsoft subsidiaries in their local regions. We can help you develop a value proposition that maps to a subsidiary's strategies, and build an engagement plan for joint market development.

We will help you

  1. BulletCreate a local Microsoft subsidiary value proposition

  2. BulletAlign to local subsidiary market campaigns

  3. BulletAssess your product or service against Microsoft subsidiary score cards

  4. BulletAlign your Microsoft and partner objectives

  5. BulletUnderstand the local Microsoft Partner Program benefits

  6. BulletDevelop a Microsoft engagement plan