Partner Search and Recruitment

Find the right partner

With our strong links to Microsoft subsidiaries and our unprecedented knowledge of the global Microsoft Partner eco-system, we can find and recruit from a wide range of potential partners - saving you time and effort. What's more, we will only select partners who view your product or service as strategic to their own business objectives.

Once we have identified a short-list of partners we can qualify them through interviews and set-up the executive-level meetings that could lead to a new partnership. When you have agreed that a qualified partner is the right fit we can drive the ongoing engagement.

Services include:

  1. BulletPartner recruitment strategy

  2. BulletIndividual partner profiling

  3. BulletProven partner search methodologies

  4. BulletShort-list of target partners for introductions and exploratory meeting

  5. BulletOngoing consultative review