Consistent value and return

Members of The OpenBorders Group have a strong track record of driving successful partner expansion and channel development worldwide. We can support clients at any point in the process or we can provide a complete end-to-end service.

Market Opportunity Assessment
Local market expertise to help you assess the market opportunity for your product or service.EN_Market_Opportunity.html
Partner Search and Recruitment
Identify high-impact partner and channel development strategies for chosen markets. EN_Partner_Search_%26_Recruitment.html
Local Microsoft Subsidiary Engagement
Demonstrate your value to local Microsoft subsidiaries to accelerate your route to market.EN_Microsoft_Subsidary_Engagement.html
Cloud Readiness
How to move your product into the cloud and ensure success.EN_Cloud_Readiness.html
Partner Strategy
Identify high-impact partner and channel development strategies for chosen markets. EN_Partner_Strategy.html
Partner Readiness and Management
Create demand through joint partner business planning and go-to-market activities. EN_Partner_Readiness_%26_Management.html
Subsidiary Settlement and Management
Specialist guidance to help with the regulatory and financial practicalities of setting up overseas operations. EN_Subsidiary_Settlement_and_Management.html
Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)
Increase market share and expand your business.EN_Mergers_%26_Acquisitions.html
Management of MPN
Management of Microsoft Partner Networks
Executive Business Consulting & Coaching
Leverage our executive guidance to optimize your business strategies, plans and successful execution top downEN_Executive_Business_Consulting_%26_coaching.html